The Global Product Authentication Service

Why you want product authentification??

Consumers trusting your brand is at the heart of your business strategy. Counterfeit deteriorate the trust consumers put in your brand. Counterfeit deteriorate brand investments. Counterfeit can ruin brandnames and budgeted turnovers on social media in less than no time.

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The service

Our global product authentication service gives the consumer instant access to a foolproof verification system to find out whether his purchase is fake or real.

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How does it work?

Every single article gets a random, unique code. The consumer sends his product code to the verification database and whitin seconds he receives back the fake or real response. At the same time he receives customer focussed marketing information. Quick, efficient and 100% reliable.

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Counterfeit is a reality in many export markets that we in the Western world are not always aware of. Every day millions of product are counterfeited and sold as originals. 65% is sold in trusted and carefully selected high street retail channels!

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Our service permits the customer to be protected against piracy while making him your ally. He can assure that what he buys is authentic with the quality and guarantee he expects for the price he paid. Consumers will be the brand’s best partner against unfaithful resellers.

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The counterfeit industry is growing double digit year by year. Every day product categories are added and sold as original. Falsifications are sophisticated. In some cases the difference is hardly visible. You would expect counterfeit is sold online and through markets. However 65% of all fake products is sold in the high street retailers!. Only 4% of all counterfeit is related to luxury goods. Food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides are considered most dangerous for people and growing the fastest.

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The sad truth is that counterfeit is defeating all available technologies. Many millions are spend to fight back. Rfid, holograms, microdots and many other authentication features. Experts see two main flaws: it is impossible to educate all consumers to recognize real from fake authentication features. Second, some solutions are too technology dependent and expensive.

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One example remains untouched by fakes: the prepaid telephone card. You never hear of fakes. Despite the fact that cards are sold all over the world on street corners. It is based on random, unique, use once codes. Our system is more sophisticated, it gives you opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

How to verify product authenticity in the cloud?

Applying the service, every article has it’s own random unique authentification number (part of the GS1 code). It can be inside a QR code, barcode or an alphanumeric scratch code which is printed on the label. Every single code is stored in the database, ready to be verified. After verification, it’s status in the database will change while showing where the ip address of the consumer is localised.

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A random secure code is printed on the product packaging at the production line, if required behind a scratch code or right into your GS3 code system.

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The consumer scans the code and an automatic check against the database is processed.

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The database is checked and a notification is sent back to the consumer (24/7 service)You can choose to vary the answer. All languages and scripts are supported..

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The consumer receives a verification notification with personalised marketing information or promotions for the specific region.

Authentification by the consumer can be done through:

QR or Barcode — The consumer scans the code with smartphone and after recognition in a split second the verification message appears in his screen.

Alpha-numeric — The consumer goes to a dedicated website to punch in the code on the product and receives back the verification and marketing information or localised promotions.

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The verification message can be personalised

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This global service is available 24/7 all year. It is quick, easy and secure from code generation to the factory label printer.

Advantages of the Service

The option to authenticate the branded product  is a market need, but so far there has been no efficient and secure system. This integrated system offers both security and direct marketing access to target groups that have already decided to support your brandimage. The implementation can be configured in such a way that it fits your specific product, consumer group and strategic requirements in all markets you operate in.

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No product escapes counterfeiting. Criminals will use all means available to produce and sell counterfeit goods. It is a massive worldwide business, they will not like this MamaQ initiative.

Roberto Manriquez, Interpol
We estimate that 50% of all medicine sold on internet and 15% off all medicine sold in the world are fake.

Fake medicine is a serious danger for world health.

WHO, World Health Organisation

Icono de AserciónOn-line sales channels can discriminate by adopting the system

Knowing that 20% of online sales are forgeries, the service allows the consumer to verify the products purchased by this channel, bringing safety and benefit to the brand.

Icono de AserciónAvoid customer complaints for products that you did not produce

The verification code next to the ticket purchase may make it a condition of warranty. So the manufactorer is sure not to provide warranty for products he did not produced, a expensive reality for brands like Hp.

Icono de Aserción Build a relationship with your end-user

The authenticity report, is the first step into direct marketing. Deliver your message at individual consumer level. It enables you to get in touch and deliver personal offers that fit the product he just bought.

Icono de Aserción analytics; Where are falsified products in your markets?

Where are the copies being sold? The system stores the (geo)information for analysis. We know where fake products are sold based upon the information consumers give us. Law enforcement can be pointed into the right direction.

Applying our Cloud Authentication Service, the company ensures that the products sold under his name are genuine and guaranteed quality, thus avoiding problems of counterfeiting such as lawsuits, loss of sales or image deterioration.

About us?

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The MamaQ idea originated after the unnecessary death of a todler in 2006 due to fake antibioticss, followed by the fake baby milk disaster in China in 2008 that took the lives of several infants. This lead to the personal motivation to design a system to fight a multi billion piracy business. Starting with health, our service is designed to stop the sales of fraudulent medications and processed food. Depending on the country, fake medication varies between 3% and 50% of the total market with devastating concequences.

From that point, we decided to open our scope to other sectors where counterfeiting is affecting both the consumer and the producer. We now also target car parts, luxery goods, fashion and wine.

Headquarters was founded in Hong Kong in 2011. Opening management offices in the Netherlands and Spain in 2013 we have a deep understanding of asian markets. Global presence allows us to bring specialists to producers and product management teams targeting markets that are known for counterfeit and high margins.

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